CACS Spotlight Speakers Corner

Julie Comber

University of Ottawa
Julie Comber seeks to inspire empathy and catalyze action. Her academic, activist, volunteer, travel, and work experience ...

Diane Watt

University of Ottawa
Diane Watt completed her doctoral dissertation under the supervision of Dr. Patricia Palulis in the Faculty of Education ...

Doug Aoki

University of Alberta
Doug Aoki is the son of Ted Aoki. He is on faculty at the University of Alberta. He also teaches karate at the Shinkitai ...

Jenna Tenn-Yuk

University of Ottawa
Jenna Tenn-Yuk is a former athlete turned spoken word artist and singer-songwriter. As a spoken word poet ...

Tim Stanley

University of Ottawa
Timothy J. Stanley is professor of antiracism education and education foundations in the Faculty of Education and ...

William Pinar

University of British Columbia
Born in Huntington, West Virginia in 1947, William Pinar took his B.S. in Education at The Ohio State University, graduating ...

KeriLynn Cheechoo

Lakehead University
Keri Cheechoo is currently a candidate in the Master of Arts English with a specialization in Women’s Studies Program...

William Doll Jr.

University of British Columbia
William Doll, currently a Visiting Professor at UBC, is an Emeritus Professor of Curriculum at Louisiana State University...

Joel Westheimer

University of Ottawa
Joel Westheimer is University Research Chair in Democracy and Education at the University of Ottawa...

Carl Leggo

University of British Columbia
Carl Leggo is a poet and professor at the University of British Columbia.

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