Provoking Curriculum Studies Final Program!

Dear Colleagues,

Please find below the final version of the conference
program. We had to change rooms for some of the presentations due to
some midterm exam conflicts. Therefore some of you will be presenting at
same time, but in a different room. Please also
note that no hard copies will be provided as we are working to further
our commitments to the environment. If you would like a hard copy, you
are asked to bring one with you.

For those who require internet access, we've attached a
document outlining the "eduroam" program that many universities are
enrolled in. Put concisely, you may be able to access the wireless
internet if you are from an institution also enrolled
in the program (which, upon a quick scan, will be most of you).
Attached is a document outlining the details. If you have any questions
upon arrival, please feel free to discuss the options with Bryan.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Friday. Bring your
skates and try out the canal. And, safe journey to all coming in from
out of town.

Sincerely, Awad and Nicholas

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