L&L Special Issue Call for Submissions

L&L Special Issue Call on Language, Literacy, and Singing

10th Annual Pre-CSSE Conference

Saturday, June 1, 2013
University of Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia

Co-sponsored by Language & Literacy: A Canadian E-journal
Opening Panel Speakers:
Dr. Jim Anderson, Ramona Big Head, Dr. Kathy Sanford,
Dr. Suzanne Smythe, Dr. Lynne Wiltse, Dr. Dale Willows and Dr. Pam Whitty

Pre-Conference 2013 Digital Guide

Writing the Past: Reading the Future

The 10th Annual Language and Literacy Pre-conference will look back on what we know about literacy and look ahead to the future of literacy research and practice in Canada. Revisiting and envisioning literacy will be the focus of the day – starting with a panel of experts across fields of literacy studies and ending with burning issues and lingering questions about directions for literacy in the face of tremendous changes and globalization in Canada.

In an effort to galvanize interest and support across different fields and perspectives on literacy, the preconference invites scholars from across Canada to present papers and engage in discussions and debates about where we have been, where we are, and where we are going.

This CSSE pre-conference highlights directions for literacy research and knowledge, including the Language & Literacy Journal. As the planning committee for the conference, we call on individuals who work across fields such as reading, writing, oracy, arts-based practices, new approaches to literacy studies, indigenous perspectives on literacy, assessment in literacy education, children’s literature, second/additional language education, research methodologies, communications and digital media; we want to widen the reach and scope of our organization so that anyone interested in aspects of literacy teaching and learning can be involved and have a voice.

Format of the pre-conference day:

The 2012 Preconference is designed as a forum for in depth discussion and exchange where delegates engage in “exquisite attention” (Lather, 2007, p. 16) to each other’s work. We have structured the day so that we feature major strands in literacy education: reading and writing; children’s literature; indigenous perspectives on literacy; early childhood literacy and multimodality; digital literacies and immersive worlds; community literacies and English language learners; and adult literacy. With expert panel members introducing these topics and convening over targeted sessions on each topic, the day will cover a wide terrain and conclude with directions, issues, and further questions.

For more information, the full call for submissions, information about the panel speakers, and registration forms, please see the call for proposals.


Lather, P. (2007). Getting lost: Feminist efforts toward a double(d) science. Albany, NY: SUNY. The New London Group (1996). A pedagogy of multiliteracies: Designing social futures. Harvard Educational Review , 66 (1), 60-92.

Inquiries can be directed to Pre-conference Chairs, Jennifer Rowsell and Burcu Yaman Ntelioglou, at llrc2013@gmail.com.

Panel Speakers papers will focus on the following areas in literacy education:

  • Dr. Jim Anderson on 'Community Literacies and English Language Learners’
  • Ramona Big Head on ‘Indigenous Perspectives on Literacy’
  • Dr. Kathy Sanford on ‘Digital Literacies and Multiliteracies’
  • Dr. Suzanne Smythe on ‘Adult Literacy’
  • Dr. Lynne Wiltse on 'Children's Literature'
  • Dr. Dale Willows on 'Reading and Writing'
  • Dr. Pam Whitty on 'Early Childhood Literacy, Creativity, and Multimodality'

Explanation of the Format of the Preconference Day

Exquisite attention:

As in previous years, the LLRC Preconference aims to provide delegates with an opportunity to present and discuss their recent research. In response to positive feedback from the 2010, 2011and 2012 delegates, the 2013 Pre-conference is designed as a forum for in depth discussion and exchange. Delegates will participate in small group discussions related to each other’s work; they will discuss current work in the field and explore questions of mutual interest and concern. In so doing, they will continue the tradition of providing ‘exquisite attention’ as they give and receive feedback, and learn from each other.

Preconference format:

Following the proposal review stage, delegates will be placed in small topic related groups based on the following major strands in literacy education: children’s literature; indigenous perspectives on literacy; early childhood literacy and multimodality; digital literacies and immersive worlds; community literacies and English language learners; and adult literacy. Careful attention will be paid to bringing researchers into synergistic groupings. To that end, participants will be asked to send copies of their abstracts to each of the members of their assigned groups, as well as to the preconference chairs, one month prior to the event.

Our day will begin together with our expert panel speakers’ papers. At the conclusion of the panel, delegates will break out into their pre-assigned groups. The remainder of the day will be spent sharing work, discussing and probing issues related to each others’ work through the lens of diversity. At the end of the day, all delegates will reconvene in the large group to share comments and observations on their work, and hear closing remarks.

To foster collegiality and community building, and the types of conversations that this format intends, all delegates are asked to commit to participating for the full day in our Pre-conference.

Registration Fee

Registration includes lunch. Lunch tickets may be picked up with your registration package the morning of the pre-conference.

  • Faculty/Instructors $50.00
  • Students $35.00

Online Registration

Online registration will open on February 1st 2013 and will close May 15th 2013.